Farhat Ishtiaq

First of all, I want to congratulate Hum Network for taking the initiative and organizing a film festival for aspiring filmmakers. Hum Network always comes up with unique and creative ideas. Hum Short Film Festival will provide unknown but talented filmmakers of Pakistan a platform to showcase their work and an opportunity to shine. I'm sure this festival will provide the aspiring filmmakers, writers, directors, composers, and producers a whole new world to explore. This festival will Insha Allah discover the hidden talent of our country. The Cinema in Pakistan is slowly beginning to stand on its own two feet again. Film Industry can boost our economy. And by discovering new talent, this film festival is doing a great service to Pakistan. Looking forward to Hum short film festival. Good luck Hum!!.

Zeba Bakhtiar

Our country is full of talented people who have immense talent but because of lack of opportunity they give up on their dreams. HSFF is providing them a platform to showcase their talent and ability. I wish HUM Network all the very best and hope that this initiative will insha'Allah bring the change we want to see in our media industry.

Mohammad Ehteshamuddin

HSFF is a golden ticket for those talented people who were waiting for chance to showcase their work. This idea will not only provide a platform for the new talent, but it will also promote film making as a field. I pray that HUM Network meet its objective and may my contribution to this initiative be useful for industry

Sania Saeed

Films are not merely to oblige dreary minds in the name of entertainment. Films and all creative mediums are meant to jolt us out of our conventional, ordinary, boring existences and make us see possibilities, push boundaries and rethink what we thought we knew. Today we need to engage and debate on issues vital to the kind of society we are forging. Films always have been an important vehicle in this discussion. More and more voices are joining this band wagon and that is always a good sign. HSFF is one such opportunity and I look forward to watching some honest, pertinent work from them. Good luck to all the participants.

Nabeel Qureshi

Our film industry has been through a roller coaster ride, from peak to the downfall, I have been through it. And now, becoming a part of the rise of this cinema, it’s totally exceptional. Being a jury member of Hum Short Film Festival, I have got a chance to contribute to the growth of the film industry. This short film festival will serve as the building block. I am glad that HUM Network came forward with such initiative"