1. Do I need to send DCP of the short film?

No, we only need full HD format with separate audio channels for TV airing only.

2. Is Hum TV going to air my short film on channel?

Yes, only selected short films that passes jury and broadcasting criteria will be aired on Hum TV and affiliate channels.

3. What is the submission deadline?

Last date for entry submission is 14th August. Please keep visiting http://hsff.hum.tv/ for latest updates.

4. Do I need to pay any registration or fee?

No. HUM TV or its representative(s) will never ask for any registration or processing fee for submission in HSFF.

5. Can I release my short film on internet?

Once you submit your entry in HSFF, you undertake that this short film is not aired, submitted or uploaded or distributed anywhere and will not be distributed without prior written consent of HUM TV.

6. My assistant filled out the form and made some mistakes. Will you make the changes?

It is your responsibility as the filmmaker to make sure that all information on the entry form is accurate. When you sign the entry form, you are agreeing that the information on the form is correct.

7. My short film is a combination of live action and animation. Which category should I choose?

We leave the decision up to the filmmakers as to which category is the best fit for their short film. However, all final determinations of eligibility are made by the Jury and selection committee.

8. Is there any funding / financing arrangement?

No. HUM TV will not fund any short film.

9. When will I get to know if my short film is selected to air on HUM TV?

Our representative will contact you after jury selection process, if your short film made to the finalist that will be aired on HUM TV. However, airing on HUM TV does not guarantee that you win the competition.

10. What should be the theme of my film?

The main subject of the short film festival is “Aik Kahani, Pakistani” – stories of Pakistan through the eyes of the film maker. So you can take anything that fascinates you to make a ¬†short film on about stories of Pakistan with a dramatic narrative.