Content Guidelines

Content / Censor GuidelinesĀ For HUM Short Films Festival


Content Guidelines

  1. Duration Should be minimum 16 minutes & maximum 18 minutes including title and end credits.
  2. Language Urdu.
  3. Short film should be sub-titled in Roman Urdu.
  4. Producer must submit promotional material for TV (30seconds), digital, print and photography for press and PR as well.
  5. Producer must submit a creative brief, synopsis and character sketches for communication purpose.

Copyrights Guidelines:

    1. All background scores, reference music and songs used in the short film should either be original work or a written NOC / authorization, from the creator to be submitted along with the entry. In absence of any authorization / NOC, the entrant will be required to submit a declaration detailing each article used in the short film.
    2. The Entrant hereby grants the exclusive irrevocable license of the short film to HNL for the purpose of telecasting the Program on the Network.
    3. The License includes (i) exhibition of the short film by way of satellite delivery and redistribution, simultaneous or time delayed or by means of cable (ii) right to dub, subtitle and edit the short film.
    4. HNL shall be entitled to telecast the short film such number of times as it may deem fit in its sole discretion.
    5. HNL shall be entitled to edit the short film for promotional use and to insert commercials, advertisements or any other insertions as HNL in its sole discretion may determine. Such right also includes the right to use portions of the HNL in conjunction with any other program or material.
    6. HNL shall have the complete freedom and right to exploit television exhibition right in respect of the short film for commercial and non-commercial and other purposes in every and all possible ways that company may determine.
    7. The License further grants HNL the right to obtain all copies and versions of the short film in existence, from the Entrant. The Entrant covenants that he shall not retain any duplicate copies or any version of the short film for any commercial use.
    8. The Entrant hereby authorizes the HNL to grant such rights in respect of the short film as are necessary to a network to enable such network to telecast the short film on the network.


Censor Guidelines:

  1. The film must adhere to the broadcasting laws of PEMRA (Link of PEMRA guideline), and must be suitable for family viewing. HNL will have the right to edit / delete any material from the film according to censor / policy guidelines of HUM Network Limited.
  2. The Entrant covenants that the film shall not be nor shall it contain any material whether in the form of words, gestures of reference, which would be defamatory or constitute contempt of Court or breach of contract or breach of any provision of law or statute or hurt the sentiments of religious groups or the declared public policy of any nation or state, or promote or propagate or in calculated to promote or propagate any religious belief or view or the cause of any political Party, nor prejudice or is calculated to prejudice relations between any foreign government.
  3. There should be no display of ammunition, blood, alcohol, cigarettes or smoking of any kind.
  4. There should be no foul / abusive language used.