HUM Short Film Festival: A film maker’s dream made into reality

HUM Network has always given this country more than just entertainment, but in fact, it has given a platform to the people to showcase their talent. HUM Network is primed to set new pedestals in the sphere of film making by hosting HUM Short Film Festival (HSFF).
HSFF is Pakistan’s first ever short film festival to be aired on Television. Keeping the legacy of HUM Network, this festival also aims to encourage and highlight young and talented people of the country. HSFF is an opportunity for all the passionate, fresh film makers who were looking for a platform, where, they can manifest their talent. HSFF is scheduled to be launched in August, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Pakistan. In the spirits of rejoicing independence, the subject of festival will be ‘AIK KAHANI, PAKISTANI’’. The idea behind the subject is to see Pakistan through the eyes of film maker. The subject is kept limitless in terms of genre, be it comedy or action, anything that portrays the best of Pakistan. The short films will be screened by highly reputable jury members. It is a prospect for the young talents to not only get recognized, but to learn and get the experience of the competitive field. The selected short films will be aired on HUM TV. The winner of the competition will get a chance to direct a fully Financed TV movie, which will be aired on HUM TV with prize money.
It is a dream come true moment for all the film makers out there. HUM Networks warmly welcomes all the entrants and will be looking forward to serve the country in every possible way.